Digital Transformation in Local Government ICT

Tussell was invited to kick off a panel discussion on Digital Transformation at a recent ICT Summit held by our partners, PublicTechnology. Our analysis finds that there are significant changes happening within Local Government ICT procurement, both in terms of suppliers and the services being procured. Enter your details below to download the full presentation.

Technology procurement is changing in local government. Cloud computing is accelerating the move away from legacy systems towards new, agile, and flexible alternatives. 

This was the conclusion of the panel at a recent ICT Summit held by PublicTechnology, which included various representatives from local government and a central government body that supports them, as well data provided from Tussell's market intelligence platform.

Our analysis of procurement contracts and spend set the scene and ultimately cemented the 'boots on the ground' experience of local government representatives. One example of the changes in recent years is supplier selection and therefore, earnings, as demonstrated by the ranking chart for the top 20 tech suppliers to local government below.

Graph showing movement in top 20 ICT suppliers

Download the full presentation to discover:

  • how much is spent on local government ICT per month?
  • what trends are there towards digital transformation?
  • has the local government market bounced back from the first wave of COVID-19?
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