Latest Updates on UK Government COVID-19 Contracts and Spending

This page provides the latest insight on the UK Government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic by summarising coronavirus contracts and spending. You can also download all of the underlying COVID-19 contract award data by entering your details at the bottom of this page.

LAST UPDATED: Monday 26th October 2020


Changes since our last update

There has been exactly £2 Billion of additional contracts awarded since our last update on 19th October. A couple of particularly notable new awards include:


COVID-19 Value of contracts awarded - total and by month

Total value of contracts awarded by the UK government in response to Covid-19 is now:

£16.5 Billion

These awards have been increasing steadily since the Government's first response back in March. The value of contracts awarded per month is shown in the chart below. 

For full details you can download the underlying data here.

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PLEASE NOTE: Contract Award Notices are being published retrospectively. For example, a notice published in September could relate to an award made in April. The above chart is based on the award date, NOT publication date, which means figures for prior months may change in subsequent updates.


COVID-19 Contract awards by level of government

To date, the majority of awards have been through Central Government, suggesting a more centralised approach to dealing with the pandemic.

By volume, the picture is slightly different with a more even distribution of contracts between the NHS, Central Government, and other public sector entities.COVID Charts with banner - higher res-3Copyright Tussell Limited. This graphic may be shared online but must retain the original format.

COVID-19 Contracts - Top suppliers, by volume and value

The top suppliers by volume suggest a heavy reliance on consultants to support the government in its response to coronavirus.

While we've seen very little movement in the top suppliers by volume (of contracts award, who are mostly consultancies), there has been some significant changes by value.

During the last update we mentioned Pestfix (TA Crisp Websites Limited), whose contracts have been heavily covered in the press, moving into the top 5 suppliers by value. In the latest batch of contract awards, we've seen Unispace Global move back to the largest supplier by value, with an additional £218m of PPE awards, across 3 separate contracts.

Although they didn't make the top 5 list, Miami-based Saiger LLC were awarded 4 contracts worth £219m for PPE contracts during May and June.

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Tussell reports on coronavirus

Download historic reports from our research team covering the coronavirus pandemic. These provide further analysis of the type of contracts awarded and the departments responsible for the procurement.

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COVID-19 Press enquiries

If you need Tussell's support to shed light on a particular area of public sector contracts or spending on the pandemic, please contact our press team.


COVID-19 Media citations

We've played a vital role in helping the press and the public better understand the government's response to the pandemic, with more than 50 citations across the mainstream media since April.

Below are just a few examples of articles that feature Tussell analysis.

16th October 2020 FT

Ministers handed £280,000 Covid contract to business of executive in voluntary public role

16th October 2020 The Guardian

Government spending on Covid consultancy contracts rises to £175m

31st August 2020 Bloomberg

Big Four Firms Win $49.3 Million in U.K. for Pandemic Advice

19th August 2020 Huffington Post

Revealed: Who Profited From The Government’s Coronavirus Spending Boom

21st June 2020 BBC News

MPs to grill health officials on PPE spending

6th June 2020 The Times

£108m PPE contract was given to small pest control company

15th May 2020 The Guardian

Firms given £1bn of state contracts without tender in Covid-19 crisis

3rd April 2020 FT

NHS tracing app in question as experts assess Google-Apple model


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