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Tussell has been tracking UK Government contracts and spending in response to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic to provide the latest insights. You can scroll down for a summary of the data or you can download all of the underlying COVID-19 contract award data by entering your details at the bottom of this page.

Last updated: 30 November 2020

The total value of contracts awarded by the UK Government in respond to Covid-19 is now:

£19.8 billion

Roughly two thirds of this value (64%) have been awarded for products and supplies, and a good third (35%) of it was dedicated to procuring services.

The awards can be grouped into three major categories: awards for personal protective equipment (PPE) that include the provision of masks, gloves and gowns; awards for suppliers to the Test and Trace Programme that include a range of provisions, from coronavirus tests and testing service, to the development of the NHS COVID-19 app; and awards for hospital supplies, including medicines, hospital beds and ventilators.

The number of awards for PPE and hospital supplies had been surging during April, May and June 2020 and had been tapering off since the summer. The awards for the Test and Trace Programme have been slowly increasing from April to September and have started to climb rapidly in October.


It's important to note that contract notices are published after they have been awarded, sometimes with a significant delay. Our charts based on the award date are subject to change in light of the the most up-to-date information.

Among the awards for supplies and services in categories beyond the three major pillars, we've seen a substantial value awarded for social support, that includes temporary accommodation for the homeless, expenses related to shielding the vulnerable groups and school meals. A portion of the awards were made to companies supplying connectivity and IT services and another portion for consultancy, marketing and research services.

Covid_tracker_other-2The bulk of awards were made by the Department of Health and Social Care, mostly for PPE and Test and Trace, followed by the NHS, for hospital supplies. 

Covid_tracker_legend (1)Covid_tracker_authorities-4

Among the suppliers that received the largest share of the coronavirus award value were suppliers of PPE and test kits, and private healthcare providers easing the pressure on the NHS.

Our list of the top five suppliers with the most coronavirus contracts suggests a heavy reliance on consultants and air freight companies to support the Government in its response to the virus.


Notable contracts since our last update

There has been £1.2 billion of additional contracts published since our last update on 23rd November. Notable new contracts include:
  • £309m to a Chinese company, Yancheng New Cloud Medical Equipment Ltd, for PPE. This brings the total awarded to Chinese suppliers during the pandemic to over £1.3 billion.
  • £473m to Uniserve, for freight services to supply PPE. This makes Uniserve the company taking the largest share of the total value of Covid contracts.
  • Faculty Science Limited’s fifth pandemic award for £930k, bringing their total contracts for Covid-response work to over £4m.
  • The data company Palantir Technologies UK Ltd for £908k, bringing their pandemic earning to £2.4m.

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