2020: Year In Review - Public Procurement During a Crisis

In 2020, things were very different in public procurement.

Covid-19 changed everything. Almost overnight, government contracts went from a niche area of interest to front page news. Discussed between families and friends, debated fiercely by politicians, and some even controversial enough to lead to legal action against the government. 2020 was like nothing we've seen before.

In this report we analyse more than 40,000 public sector contracts worth £100bn, looking at what mattered last year. And we look forward to 2021, reflecting on how new procurement reforms are likely to affect the future of procurement in UK, as well as breaking down the wealth of contract opportunities that lie ahead for firms who want to supply the public sector.

Finally, we reflect on the £21bn of covid-related deals, including all PPE contracts, the ventilator challenge and the track and trace system, while considering the impact the pandemic had on day-to-day procurement. 

Download the full report by entering your details below, which includes:

  • How 2020 compared to 2019
  • Breakdown of spend by tier of government
  • The sectors that won and lost in 2020
  • The highest earning suppliers
  • Our forecast for new opportunities in 2021
  • And much, much more

Year in Review 2020-1


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